13 Apr 2021 – Temperatures “no great shakes”

Courtesy BBC

As Ben Rich in his lunchtime BBC weather forecast says, in a strenuous effort to get around using the word cold, temperatures at 12 UTC today are “no great shakes”. Ben, like most other weather presenters, likes to impart good news, and even in these days of global heating that always seems to take the form of higher temperatures down at the BBC, no matter what the time of year. He went on to add that it’s going to feel much colder along the eastern coast because “the air is coming in of a cold North Sea”, which is partly true. He seems to miss the real reason why the air is still cold across the rest of the UK, and that’s predominantly because of the airmass we are under (and why dewpoints are currently as low as -8.8°C at Bedford) and that’s Arctic maritime air that spilled south on Friday after a brief milder interlude of tropical maritime air on Thursday. The air has certainly been modified by rising pressure and daytime insolation during the last few days (and one of the shortest warm fronts that you’ll ever likely to see) but it’s still cold air which you will notice if the sun goes in or the breeze freshens.

Courtesy UKMO

Here’s how things look at 12 UTC across the country today temperature wise.

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