14 November rainfall totals

Figure 1 – Courtesy of UKMO

By the time we get to 22 UTC when the above warning times out (fig 1), these rainfall estimates from the weather radar (fig 2) might be a bit higher than they were at 1855 UTC but then again theses totals are from 06 and not 09 UTC. The highest accumulations I can see are a touch further south than they were on the 7th of November, and in the range 32-40 mm, with the odd yellow pixel indicating totals in excess of 40mm. Even so this was still a well forecast event from the boys down in Exeter who seem to have added a new and very good NWP model to their armoury. This doesn’t help the people on the ground though who now have even more water to contend with in the Don/Trent catchment area this evening as the rain continues to edge northward.

Figure 2 – Estimated precipitation accumulations
Figure 3 06-18 Precipitation
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