167 knot maximum wind at Santander

The jet stream is taking a bit of a nose dive at the moment ahead of the frontal system from Elvis II that’s now piling into western areas. There’s a core of maximum winds of over 150 knots in the northerly jet thats now extending down across Biscay and into Spain, with maximum winds of 167 knots being reported at 12 UTC today at 33,000 feet over Santander. If you’re wondering why there’s such a big hole in the network over the UK that’s because the Met Office have closed many of it’s radiosonde stations such as Stornoway, Shanwell and Hemsby in the last twenty years or so. They obviously value a new supercomputer much more than they do upper air observations – perhaps they will have to rethink that decision if the 5G mobile phone network really does end up screwing their weather satellites reception.

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