17 Mar 2021 – snow depths across the Alps

I notice that the northern Alps have been getting a late fall of winter snow at the moment, adding to what I would have thought had been a fairly snowy winter with little in the way of skiing going on. You’ll notice the higher the observation site correlates well with the depth of the snow at each site. I still find it difficult to find how they can accurately measure snow depths at the top of mountains such as the Zugspitze, they must have a method, because the amount of drifting that goes on must be severe.

2 thoughts on “17 Mar 2021 – snow depths across the Alps”

    1. Thanks for that link.
      They don’t go into any specifics but I imagine it’s done shooting either laser or ultrasound beams downward to get a measurement.
      The Swiss put most countries to shame with their dense network of AWS stations.
      If the Swiss can mount an AWS on top of mountain, surely we could install one or two of our lighthouses around our coasts which have power and comms already available.

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