18-19 Jan 2021 – rainfall accumulations

Estimated Rainfall totals from weather radar

Looking at the latest rainfall accumulations and the latest weather radar I still think the main focus of the rain is still west of the Pennines. This doesn’t change the fact that the amber warning is more to do with fluvial rather than pluvial flooding. These days it seems that the Met Office not only into space weather but it’s also in the flood business game as well. There’s no question that it’s been a wet 24 hours especially across the northwest of England. The rain shadow from the Pennines has ensured that places to the east, like Sheffield and down the Vale of York haven’t seen much rain. Obviously this misplaced amber warning for heavy rain still has more than 24 hours to run so things could change, but I get the feeling the action is edging further north.

Estimated rainfall accumulations from weather radar

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