18 December 2020 – rainfall totals

Estimated rainfall accumulations from weather radar
Greyscaled totals below 25 mm

Overall a pretty good yellow heavy rain warning for England and Wales yesterday from the UKMO, but parts of Scotland are conspicuous by their absence. If you believe my weather radar estimates totals above 80 mm can only be found in a few white pixels in Snowdonia, and this chart is for 00-00 UTC 24 hour totals and not for the 03-00 UTC of the warning. A number of flood alerts for rivers in Wales and the southwest are in effect this morning, so it looks like the amber warning was well justified. The SYNOP network is still missing an AWS to capture the rainfall totals on the windward upper slopes of the mountains in western Scotland similar to the one plonked in Capel Curig in Snowdonia a few years ago.

06-06 Rainfall Totals
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