18 December Rainfall Extremes

Courtesy UKMO & Twitter

I noticed this Tweet was thrown into the Met Office Twitter feed listing some extreme rainfall totals from the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales for Friday the 18th. Whitebarrow appears to be station 46160 in the EA rain gauge network and certainly caught me out with my estimated accumulations using weather radar the other day. Its much higher than the total from Princetown which lies to the NW. The gauge itself looks to be sited on White Barrow above the Avon Dam reservoir at around 450 m AMSL. Dartmoor is an awfully wet place, and it’s no wonder that not many men escaped from the prison at Princetown. If the rain and the mires didn’t get them the hound certainly would.

Courtesy EA

I’ve just realised why the Welsh didn’t go for being called the Environment Protection Agency like the Scots did, probably because then we would have had a WEPA as well as a SEPA, and that doesn’t have quite the right ring about it. Don’t you just love all this duplication and bureaucracy what a waste of taxpayers money.

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