19 December – Australian temperatures

Unfortunately the Australians who are bona-fide members of the WMO don’t follow the rules about the report of extreme temperatures in their SYNOPs as they should, so this 06 UTC temperature chart will have to suffice to show how hot it’s been there. I heard on the TV that they take the temperature of the whole country by adding up all the readings and finding the mean – a bit like CET on steroids – and that in recent days that mean has never been higher, hopefully they keep the same climate stations in the list and don’t add some of the AWS they’ve added in more recent years. Rather surprisingly Nullarbor was the hottest place with 48.5°C (119.3°F). Nullarbor is right on the coast of the Great Australian Bight, so you may think that you’d escape the worse of the heat there with a refreshing sea breeze off the Southern Ocean, but in reality the land breeze is like being attacked by someone with a flamethrower with relative humidities of 5% or less.

Who in their right minds would want to emigrate to a place like this which seems to suffer from a perpetual cycle of wildfires, heatwaves or flash floods?

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