20-21 May – Rain from Marco

Estimates from weather Radar

A mixed set of results for my estimates of rainfall accumulations during the last 24 hours from low Marco, some too low, others too high, but at least I was almost spot on across the wettest parts of Snowdonia. Who knows with higher resolution data how much more accurate these estimates would get. The impacts here and Cumbria from over 80 mm of rain in 24 hours should have attracted a yellow rain warning, but that would have given cause to name low Marco storm Evert and for some reason known only to themselves they didn’t want to do that.
It’s noticeable that the desert which is southeast England escaped with little rain, as did the Outer Hebrides. It wasn’t completely dry on the islands it was more to do with the fact that the Stornoway radar has packed in again. At least the tech team have managed to fix the anemometer at Wick, that just leaves the ones at Tain and the Bealach na ba, and the SIESAWS on Aonach Mor and Cairngorm to do.

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  1. The streams are running wild in Snowdonia, but no major flooding.

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