20 Mar 2021 – 20.5 °C range at Aboyne

There was a very large 20.5°C range in temperatures between the [18-06] overnight minimum of -2.9°C and the [06-18] maximum of 17.6°C at Aboyne on Saturday (20 March). I was late onto this story, and only picked up on it when I saw a tweet from the Met Office about it this morning. They do have the benefit of having all the climatological extremes (09-21 and 21-09) and the slightly lower [21-09] minimum of -3.3°C makes the diurnal range a little larger at 20.9°C. Observational, climate and NWP data are the last vestiges of a monopoly that the UKMO are still tenaciously clinging onto hopefully for not much longer. As they say in their tweet, Aboyne ended up being the warmest place by day and the coldest place by night on Saturday which is quite unusual. The weather may well have been benign in the last week but it’s never been boring.

Originally tweeted by Met Office (@metoffice) on 21 March 2021.
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