2018 Hurricane season

The updated HURDAT2 through 2018 for the Atlantic basin is now available to download. Here’s a closer look at the 2018 season. There were eight hurricanes in all but just Michael made it to category five. Hurricane Leslie lasted for twenty two days before dissipating. Four tropical cyclones made landfall in the US of which two were of hurricane strength.

As you can see the British Isles was in the firing line for at least two of the tropical cyclones, in what was a slightly above average North Atlantic season.

The season started really slowly and didn’t really take off until the start of September.

The ACE index has you can see shows an increasing linear trend of just over three per decade since the start of the series in 1851. The observing of tropical cyclones has come along way since 1851, so don’t forget to factor into those statistics that since the start of the satellite era in 1960, and more especially in the last twenty years the advances in technology, no tropical cyclone activity goes unnoticed these days.

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