2020 odds on as the warmest year on record

If I’ve done my maths right, and even though Decembers figures are not still not in yet, there’s no stopping 2020 being crowned the warmest year at least in the GISTemp series. This series which started in 1880 is maintained by NOAA and GISS and as far as I can see the mean anomaly for the first eleven months of 2020 is already 1.04°C above the LTA. The warmest year at present is 2016 with a mean of 1.016°C. That means that the December 2020 anomaly only has to be +0.75°C or higher to beat it. Will it do it? Yes. The way global temperatures are going at the moment this should be a cakewalk, with the last six years Decembers reporting anomalies higher than that. I personally thought at the start of the year that 2020 wouldn’t do it, but global temperatures have been very strong especially during the autumn months when 2016 was marginally cooler. It’s hard to say if 2020 will end up being the warmest in the HadCRUT series, I have my suspicions that it won’t.

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