21/22 Apr 2021 – Overnight minima

I think you’ll agree that there was a widespread slight, locally moderate frost across the northeast Scotland last night, and not at all as patchy as the forecast graphics suggested it would be yesterday evening. Stornoway had a frost, the temperature at Aberdeen got down to -3°C and the coldest place in the UK was the -6°C at Altnaharra.
It’s a real shame that the AWS at Loch Glascarnoch is intermittently offline at the moment, it’s going to be a difficult for them to stay on top of the table of frostiest places when you can’t even produce an 06 UTC observation. It’s almost as annoying at having no temperatures from Cairngorm because someone thought the readings had gone spurious at the beginning of March. They Met Office certainly seem to be having problems with their technical support across the north at the moment, with the wind systems at Wick and Tain both being down for weeks now. I hope they realise I am always available if they need someone to change a fuse or strim the grass in the enclosure.
That’s not the only thing that they’re having problems with at the moment either. As I mentioned last night regarding the forecast of a frost free area at 04 UTC in the central Highlands where minimum temperatures where in the order of -3°C or -4°C.

Courtesy BBC

To be fair this was a tricky one to get right if the thermograph at Tulloch Bridge is anything like typical of temperatures in the area.

2 thoughts on “21/22 Apr 2021 – Overnight minima”

  1. As I said last evening, the BBC’s colours were below zero (blue) for Tulloch bridge area last night. To make these assessment it is best to look at the full range of MO sites. Aberdeen Craibstone fell to just -1.0C (just south of Dyce, and nearer the city). Around your red circle (not really the central Highlands) we have temps just below zero – Achnagart -1.1C, Kinlochewe -0.4C and Inverness Lentran -0.8C. As you say, a tricky on to get the right side of zero here with – presumably – variable cloud.

    1. It might be less contentious if they displayed a colour contoured minimum forecast chart for the whole night rather than using one for a fixed time. That was how it was done in the days of magnetic symbols if I remember correctly. But of course a specific value would be far too easy for anyone to verify – so forget that idea

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