21 October 2020 rainfall

Estimated rainfall accumulation from weather radar

The wettest place in the UK yesterday was across the northwest of Scotland on Wednesday (0000-2355 UTC), where extreme estimated accumulations were as high as 80 mm on the mountains around Ben Hope in the extreme northwest of Sutherland. This might come as a bit of news to the Met Office who didn’t issue a yellow warning for the heavy overnight rain despite the flooding of the rail line between Inverness and Wick that morning. The logic, as they saw it, was that the number of people that would be impacted by the heavy rain in northern Scotland were outnumbered by the number of sheep up there. Forget about flooded rail lines, what you have to remember is that warnings of heavy rain are not so much about the amount that fell but the impact that amount of rain will cause. It will be interesting to see if Dame Julia Slingo shares the same opinion after she has reads the Rail Track report on the flooding at Ardgay.

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