23-24 Feb 2021 – a wet 48 hours as Mr Occlusion strikes again

Estimated rainfall accumulations from weather radar

Large areas of high ground across IONA have seen well in excess of 100 mm of rain in the last 48 hours or so thanks to this slow moving waving cold front that’s straddled SW-NE across the country.

Courtesy UKMO

I don’t completely believe what I see in the UKMO analysis chart for 12 UTC today though. We’ve just returned from a short lockdown walk at Silver Bridge near Garve in the Highlands this lunch time and I can assure you that there was no more than an okta of low cloud in a dazzling blue sky with temperatures around 12°C, and absolutely no sign of any frontal cloud from the occlusion that was supposedly overhead at the time. Even at 4 pm the sun is still streaming through the windows here in Strathpeffer. Obviously they’ve let Mr Occlusion out for a day shift down in Exeter again, and it maybe that we are not the only ones who are missing the Stornoway radar at the moment.

What do you think?

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