24 hours of severe gales and hurricane force gusts boil down to a yellow warning for strong wind

The southeasterly wind has been meaning between gale force eight and ten for the last thirty fours hours or so on South Uist, with gusts to storm force ten for much of that time, and hurricane force twelve this afternoon. The maximum gust so far was of 72 knots (83 mph) at 16 UTC. A yellow warning has been issued for strong winds that came into force as late as 04 UTC this morning for some reason known only to the UKMO, and will be quickly forgotten. It’s true that only 1,818 people live on South Uist, but I am sure if this were the Isles of Scilly, with a very similar population, then the strength of these winds might have viewed somewhat differently. This particular warning should have started much earlier, and could easily have included an amber core for the strength of these winds in South Uist, some named storms couldn’t muster a gust of 83 mph unless they included the Needles.

Courtesy UKMO
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