25 Apr 1981 : The great snowstorm

I have no idea if this analysis is anything like reality

Perhaps the most outstanding April snow event occurred in 1981 when there was significant snowfall widely from the 24th to the 28th. On 25 April over 30cm of snow was recorded over the high ground of the Pennines, with 29cm in Sheffield and 26cm in Buxton. The following day 25cm of snow was recorded at Okehampton, Devon, with 20cm at Blaisdon, Gloucestershire and 14cm at Corsham, Wiltshire. The heavy snowfall with blizzard conditions led to disruption to power supplies and travel.


This particular article from the Met Office site entitled Snow in late April, more common than you may think caught my eye. As we were living in Sheffield during at that time I should remember it clearly, but alas I don’t. It may have been the occasion when I had to trudge the 4.5 miles for an afternoon shift at BSC Tinsley Park, when the usual excellent bus service that Sheffield once had, had ground to a halt. I am guessing that this was the day, but I can’t remember for certain, or even if I had to walk home at the end of the shift! With the modern wonders of the internet I can now see exactly where and how far I walked, but the rolling mills at Tinsley have long since gone.

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  1. Hi, Jan here.Small world. I used to work in Operational Research for British Steel at Cybor House, Broomhill.. I’ve just looked in my scrapbook, and found photos of a foot of snow on top of our car on 25th April 1981, near Crosspool in Sheffield. We’d just got back from a fairly warm Easter holiday in Brittany!

  2. An outstanding weather and snow event here on NE Dartmoor – though nothing like the magnitude of Feb ’78. Snowdrifts several feet deep in N facing lanes, at 950ft asl, deep snow elsewhere hereabouts. We’ve not seen a blizzard here like that since – though last year the west of the moor kopped it.

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