25 May 2021 – 14 UTC analysis

14 UTC analysis

Another thoroughly wet and rather cold day across the southwest with a breakaway wave running E’SE across the tip of Cornwall at 14 UTC today. Strange little feature, it wasn’t forecast by the NWP to have its own circulation as it ran into northern France, but it has in this chart.

Estimates from weather radar

2 thoughts on “25 May 2021 – 14 UTC analysis”

  1. It’s been another grim afternoon down here in Devon – steady heavyish rain. I’m going to start talking about ‘northern softies’ if the much heralded ‘improvement’ doesn’t happen 🙂

    1. It is a bit long winded isn’t it.
      They started going on about it almost a week ago now.
      It’s not even a flash-in-the-pan – and the models can’t decide about how June will fare.

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