26-27 Jan 2021 – minimum of -8.3°C at Baltasound

The UKMO most northerly weather station can be found at Baltasound on the Isle of Unst, part of the Shetland Isles. Surprisingly last nights minimum [18-06] there of -8.3°C did not break the January record for the lowest minimum temperature. According to Wikipedia the record low for January at Baltasound is -10.0°C, and even more surprisingly the lowest on record was even lower at -11.9°C in some unknown February.

Don’t get the idea that Unst is just a tiny rock in the North Atlantic it’s a sizeable island and the most northerly in the Scotland.

Courtesy of Google Maps

And don’t get the idea that the AWS on Unst is on the beach either, although it’s not too far away, and it’s situated on the islands small airport south of Baltasound. It looks a relatively sheltered spot, especially in westerlies, but I am sure that sheltered might not be the right word to describe it, as I imagine it’s one of the windiest places anywhere in IONA. I can say with some degree of confidence that if you thought where you lived hardly got a mention in the national weather, think again, the Northern Isles and Unst in particular really must take the biscuit!

Courtesy of Google maps

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