27-28 Mar 2021 – A breezy 24 hours

In weathercaster speak it’s been a rather breezy 24 hours across IONA. Met Eireann did have a warning out for the strong winds yesterday, but it seems that the Met Office don’t see that the gusts to gale force will cause any impacts today across the UK today. We do stand out like a sore thumb on the MeteoAlarm map of active warnings across Europe at the moment. Why the UK is coloured white may be due to the fact that we don’t have any warnings which are currently active (so why not green?), or it maybe that we don’t play the game anymore since Brexit.

2 thoughts on “27-28 Mar 2021 – A breezy 24 hours”

  1. Meteoalarm system is midway through enhancements/changes. New system
    (https://www.meteoalarm.org/en) only shows shading for those regions with warnings. This is part of a Europe-wide change to using impact-based warnings. Both old and new systems are currently running in parallel. Met Office only sends to the new system. This has been the case for about two months.

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