27 August 2020 – Heavy rain & thunderstorms

Estimated Rainfall totals from weather radar

Yesterday was a strange kind of weather day as low ‘Lynn’ deepened across the south producing a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rain in the process.

As you may know if you are a regular reader the Met Office on Thursday issued a warning for southern England, and then an hour later updated it to cover a much bigger swathe of the south.

Courtesy of Blitzortung

The warning was for the period 1130 to 1900 BST. I’ll let you be the judge of just how accurate this updated was across the south.

Estimated Rainfall totals from weather radar

Meanwhile back in the central belt of Scotland a couple or rogue clusters of heavy rain tracked northwest depositing a lot of rain close to both Glasgow and Edinburgh with estimated totals in the of 50 to 60 mm range in the same period. I have attached a BBC News item about the flooding in West Lothian, but I notice there is no mention of the one close to Edinburgh. According to Blitzortung SFERIC activity was not involved in this event. I didn’t see any warning of this heavy rainfall, but until the Met Office start archiving the warnings they issue, verifying the warnings they issue is always going to be difficult. I notice the flooding did affect the rail line to Bridgeton, so I expect a full report of this will have been passed posthaste to Dame Julia in her new role at Network Rail.

Estimated Rainfall totals from weather radar
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