28 Jan 2021 – 12 UTC temperature contrasts and analysis issues

There are large temperature differences from north to south again across IONA, from a very mild 13.1°C in Kent, to a cold -0.7°C at Braemar in the Grampians. The 12 UTC chart was an easy one to analyse today with the demarcation zone between the very mild and cold easy to see.

Analysis Problems

According to the UKMO my warm front should be an occlusion but I don’t believe their analysis for one second!

12 UTC analysis 28 Jan 2021
Courtesy UKMO

So Camborne in Cornwall is not in a broad warm sector at 13 UTC with eight oktas of stratus at 300 feet, visibility of 2500 metres, temperature of 11.2°C and a dewpoint of 10.9°C? It’s rather an odd looking observation from a station that’s ostensibly in cold air according to that analysis. Maybe the cold front that’s aligned SW-NE across northern France doesnt really exist?

Camborne observations

What do you think?

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