29 Mar 2021 – Temperature of 19.1°C at Brid at 12 UTC

Not surprisingly, as much of IONA is sat in a broad warm sector and bathed in tropical maritime air at the moment, the mildest places today are to be found along the east coast, with a temperature of 19.1°C at Bridlington at 12 UTC, which is a full 10°C above the LTA for this late date in March. Parts of eastern Scotland were not far behind with a temperature of 17.4°C at Aboyne (+9.1°C above the LTA). The temperature gradient east west across Scotland is steep at the moment, with temperatures on the west coast of just 8.5°C at Aultbea in comparison to the 15.0°C at Tain on the Dornoch Firth in the east.

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