3-4 Feb 2021 – minima and snow depths

I reckon that’s three consecutive nights that Altnaharra have taken the top spot of coldest place in IONA if you discount the mountain station reports from the proceedings. There were just a dozen AWS reporting snow depths automatically at 06 UTC, most of these were above 200 M amsl, and finally a station has just overtaken Loch Glascarnoch as the snowiest place with 21 cm of snow reported at Aviemore. To be fair there is been absolutely no shelter from the unrelenting fresh to strong east wind at Glascarnoch, compared to the very much more sheltered site down at Aviemore, and like Glascarnoch, here in the Strath we have been very much at the northern edge of this frontal snow for the last 48 hours too, although I did notice some flakes in the wind this morning.

What do you think?

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