3 December 2020 – 1200 UTC

A beautiful frosty day in our part of northeast Scotland today with temperatures still reading -1°C, down here in the dip, this lunchtime. There was a light dusting of snow overnight to lower levels, but the main snow level seems to be at around 150 M on the surrounding hills and mountains. All the weather action at the moment is across central England and Wales with low Wenke (I kid you not) intensifying quite nicely. So much for my idea that the French would name it! It looks like being a very cold first part of the night here before the snow arrives. The Great Oz still believes in living dangerously discounting any impact from the snow across the central belt of Scotland. In today’s update to the yellow warning for snow, Oz seems more preoccupied with moving the warning areas across Scotland fractionally westward and ignoring any threat to the central belt and the M80 tonight by fixing the minimum snow level to 150 metres.

Snow is likely to bring a brief period of travel disruption to parts of Scotland and Northern England early on Friday.

Reason for update

Update made to extend warning slightly westwards over Scotland.

Chief Forecaster UKMO
The 06 UTC run of the ICON model
Courtesy of wxcharts.com
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