3 Feb 2021 – 06 UTC windchill

I am not a great fan of wind chill charts but here’s one for 06 UTC this morning nevertheless. You’ll notice that it’s as low as -18.8°C on Cairngorm, so last night wasn’t such a good night for wild camping to see the sunrise over Lochnagar, but then again it might have been quite cosy if you had dug yourself a snow hole. Even at Loch Glascarnoch the wind chill this morning was -7°C. In fact the strength of the easterly has been the main feature of the weather in the last 24 hours. The temperature during the last 24 hours has varied little from 2.7°C in the strath, with a dewpoint of -1 or -2°C and a fifteen to twenty knot wind – thats cold. A few oddities on the chart itself, Bingley and Emley Moor for instance, variations are all down to the mean wind speed, and I probably should filter out places with winds less than 5 knots.

What do you think?

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