3 May 2021 – Low Eugen

  • 12 UTC The winds are starting to ramp up along western and southern coasts this lunchtime as low Eugen tracks east into Northern Ireland. Gusts to 60 knots at Capel Curig.
  • 13 UTC Gusts to 66 knots at Capel Curig. Gusts to 47 knots at Tiree outwith the yellow warning area.
  • 14 UTC It looks like low Eugen has elongated itself eastward. One centre has tracked quickly east to the north of Malin Head (988 hPa), whilst the main low is hanging back just to the NW of Belmullet (~983 hPa). It could be that low may be taking a more northerly track than the midnight ECMF model thought it might. Gust to 64 knots (74 mph) at the Mumbles. Gusts to 48 knots (55 mph) at St Bee’s again outwith the yellow warning area.
Don’t trust the contours!

1445 UTC Quite a wrap around swirl to low Eugen.

1450 UTC Close to an inch of rain across Northern Ireland so far today in my estimates from weather radar. Still only a few spits in the wind in the Strath so far today right on the boundary of the rain.

1625 UTC Some pretty sharp bursts of rain in Strathpeffer in the last 15 minutes – massive rain drops like you see in a tropical monsoon. The low definately* has two centres. The main one is close to Finner in County Donegal (986.2 hPa) at 16 UTC the other approaching SW Scotland. Some pretty impressive mean speeds and gusts across IONA at 16 UTC.

* I am not ‘H’ the fourth man I just spelt it wrongly on purpose!

1900 UTC The two centres of low Eugen seem to have re-joined as one. It’s only 4°C here in the Strath in moderate rain and the ENEl’y whistling up from the firth – who would believe it was early May. We saw a couple of Swallows yesterday that had just flown in from South Africa – poor wee things – I hope they have found somewhere dry and warm.

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