3 November wind analysis

As expected the highest gust of 95 knots at the Needles old battery was picked up by the media with headlines in the Guardian of “Southern coastal England and Wales hit by gusts of more than 100 mph” yesterday. Bear in mind that the old battery anemometer sits atop a 393 foot chalk cliff, on top of a 30ft coastguard lookout building and just for good measure on top of a 30 foot anemograph tower and severely exposed to winds from points east through to west. It’s not in anyway representative of a low level site in the UK, but is perfect if you want to know what the wind speed is at the edge of a high cliff facing into the wind!

Otherwise the highest gust was the 67 knots at RNAS Culdrose and as high or higher than a number of named storm of the last four years.

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