30/31 Mar 2021 – Interesting 24 hour temperature differences

Some interesting temperature differences across the country between 14 UTC yesterday and 14 UTC today. Edinburgh was almost 8°C cooler than yesterday, whilst not too far away at Eskdalemuir in the southern uplands temperatures were almost 8°C higher than they were yesterday. The south was generally much cooler than yesterday thanks to a sea breeze from the English Channel, whilst the east Midlands and the northwest of England were much warmer because today the breeze was off the land. Temperatures were almost 12°C cooler yesterday along the Moray coast that courtesy to a sea breeze and the cold front. The warmest place today in IONA may well be Weybourne in north Norfolk, but even here the sea breeze did make a brief appearance for a short while this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “30/31 Mar 2021 – Interesting 24 hour temperature differences”

  1. I think the south of England was cooler due to thick medium cloud layers. Hardly a breath of wind, and definitely no sea breeze as they were massively suppressed by the low inversion and lack of inland convection.

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