30 Mar 2021 – Warmest March day since 1968

There were some very large diurnal ranges around today across the south, on what ended up being the warmest March day in the UK since 1968.
The largest from the SYNOPs that I can see is one of 23.0°C between a minimum of -0.3°C [18-06] and a maximum today of 23.3°C at Charlwood in Surrey.

2 thoughts on “30 Mar 2021 – Warmest March day since 1968”

  1. Beyond the SYNOP sites, Santon Downham, Suffolk had a range of 24.3degC. -1.7 to 22.6C. I believe that it is not the same SD site as the one that used to be famed for large ranges years ago – I think that was over the border in Norfolk, but more or less the same. Incredible day.

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