54 hour long yellow warning of persistent snow

Courtesy UKMO

The Met Office have just issued a 54 hour long yellow warning of persistent snow for Thursday, Friday and into Saturday of this week north of the central belt in Scotland. There are now snow warnings in force for some part of Scotland for each day of the first week of February. The four freely available models all have differing solutions for where most of the snow will be falling at T+78 (06 UTC on Thursday). It maybe the far north of the mainland and here I mean north of Inverness might escape the worst of it and see very little in the way of snow. That’ll be thanks to either (a) upstream sheltering from the Grampians or (b) precipitation from the front never quite making it that far north. I hope I’ll be totally wrong about that notion. I would have thought that the potential for travel disruption from 54 hours of persistent snow, even if it is on ground higher than 150 M amsl at least merited an amber rather than a yellow warning but I suppose this is still only Monday.

Courtesy wxcharts.com

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