679 hours of snow lying

Hours of Snow Lying
All SYNOP data courtesy of OGIMET

If you download the 822 hours of SYNOP observations there have been since the New Year and decode them, and then add up all the hours when a snow depth was reported, you might end up with a chart very similar to this one for the hours of snow lying across IONA. It looks like in the Highlands the total number of hours of snow lying at Aviemore and Loch Glascarnoch was 679 and 644 hours respectively, that’s getting close to 30 out of the 35 days so far this year. I’m not sure why some stations such as Leuchars, Kinloss and Lossiemouth are still on zero, I’ll have to have a serious word with my programmer chappie to take a look at that potential problem. Apologies as well to those readers in the northern Isles for chopping you off the top of the chart, for your information there were 91 and 161 hours of snow lying at Kirkwall and Lerwick respectively.
I am not sure how many of the Met Eireann AWS are fitted with automatic snow depth sensors, from these figures it looks like the Emerald Isle has been more green than white so far this year.
The only trouble with today’s automatic snow depth sensors, is that all though they measure snow depths well, they can give you false readings if any snow that has fallen is badly drifted, but for the purposes of hours of snow lying they are very accurate.

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