8 May 2021 – This morning’s snow over the northern Pennines

It is still surprisingly cold over the north of England ahead of the warm front that’s steadily marching northeast across the country. I should imagine conditions have been atrocious on the northern Pennines and tops of the Cumbrian fells with heavy snow and blizzards above 600 metres during this morning if the observations from Great Dun Fell are anything to go by.

Observations form Great Dun Fell

Here’s my take on the analysis. I can’t find a lot of evidence of a double warm front at 11 UTC, particularly across the north of England, there may be one, who knows.

5 thoughts on “8 May 2021 – This morning’s snow over the northern Pennines”

  1. I’m being pedantic I daresay but the photo is not actually Stanhope, it’s the Durham CC road sensor cam at Lanehead, from memory about 1300 ft amsl and quite a but ‘updale’ from Stanhope. Good post though.

  2. 1saveenergy

    It’s well named, cold & gets a lot of snow – http://www.blackbullfrosterley.com/uploads/2/3/6/5/2365101/4150722_orig.jpg

    Famed for Frosterley Marble – A black limestone (the dreaded CO2 again ! ) containing fossil crinoids of the Carboniferous Period; used for a lot of church decoration (such as pillars in Durham cathedral ) & Victorian fireplaces (as found in Frosterley station).

    The pub http://www.blackbullfrosterley.com/ is only 39 steps from the station … but we came to a warm/ish Anglesey instead.
    Still support the Weardale Railway from a distance.

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