9-10 February 2021 – the coldest, mildest & snowiest

Altnaharra was the coldest station again in IONA last night with a minimum of -17.1°C to just beat Monday night’s lowest temperature since 2010. If the cloud hadn’t rolled in there late in the night, then I am quite sure -20°C or even lower was on the cards. Snow showers have continued overnight down the east coast of Scotland, with Lossiemouth reporting 15 cm of lying snow from a couple of heavy snow showers, and even here at the top of the firth we finally got ~7 cm or so along the Strath. Looking at this mornings snow depth reports on the map I am quite sure that some of the UKMO either (a) don’t have snow depth sensors or (b) they are not working at the moment, readings from Tain, Kinloss, Leuchars and Charterhall are conspicuous by their absence. Along with the Stornoway radar, which has been U/S for around three weeks now, and I would say the UKMO Scottish technicians have a list as long as your arm of things that need fixing.
Here’s our snow depth put into perspective when compared with places such as Norway. It’s a shame that the Dutch don’t like giving their snow depth data away, or we could see just how well they did with the warnings they issued for storm Darcy, my bet is not very.

For some reason the software use in their AWS (SAMOS?) in the UKMO network has problems at main synoptic hours.
This is why a number of stations that appear in the table are missing from the map.

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