9 Feb 2021 – 70 cm of snow reported at Braemar

Snow Depth 08 UTC 9 February 2021
Apologies for the awful colours – still work in progress

Here are the latest snow depths from the SYNOP’s across IONA at 08 UTC. You have to treat a lot of these snow depths with caution because some of the values may be the result of the sensor measuring a drift of snow due to the strong easterly winds of the last week. I reckon that’s what’s happening at Loch Glascarnoch at the moment, and that the 19 cm reported is a frozen layer of old snow, and that any new powder snow that falls simply gets blown of the frozen surface. They were reports of 2 M drifts when the A835 close by became blocked overnight last Thursday.
But if its deep snow you like then Braemar is the place to be with 70 cm of lying snow, which according to Sean Batty has just broken the 2001 record with more to come. Again as an exmetman I know how notoriously difficult it is to find level snow to measure when we’ve had so much drifting in the strong easterly winds recently.

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