A Christmas storm and Polar vortex

Courtesy wxcharts,com

I have had at least two goes at warning that storm Bella was imminent without much luck, but perhaps Sunday’s low may be the best candidate yet for being a named storm. Bella seems quite an appropriate for a Christmas storm, but the Santa storm would have sounded better, even if Santa by then would have shot back to the North Pole after all his exertions. To extend that thought it may well be that the cyclonic spell over Christmas may have something to do with things happening at the North Pole. I am no expert in theoretical meteorology, hell I don’t know if the subject even exists, but I do know that when the Polar vortex decides to take a holiday and head south blocking can occur and that’s probably why the latest NWP forecasts have been pushing a more wintry meridional theme recently across the UK. It also gives me a chance to put together a grid of four lovely coloured polar charts just for the hell of it!

Courtesy wxcharts.com

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  1. I just got that one in before the yellow warning for strong wind on the 26th & 27th was issued by the Met Office!

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