A closer look at recent zonal trends in global temperatures

Here are six graphs displaying 365 day mean temperatures from my own DIY series which I calculate from gridded NCEP reanalysis data. The first five are from each of the five zonal regions for the last 10 years, the final graph is the composite global temperature, which as you can see has been falling quite sharply for the last 12 month or so. The good thing about my DIY series is that I can generate average temperatures as well as anomalies something you never see in any of the world’s leading global temperature series. As you can see in the last year four of the five zonal regions are exhibiting falling temperatures, the only one that’s swithering a bit at the moment is the Arctic above 65N. I now realise the scale of these graphs are rather misleading. If you compare one zone because I haven’t fixed the y axis scale, and as you can see the fall in temperatures south of the equator (between 30S and 65S) looks to have been very steep in recent times but actually is much less than the temperate zone in the north (30N – 65N). Having said that they are all good indicators of what’s going on across each particular zone and show why the 12 monthly global mean temperatures have been falling.

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