A closer look at the heavy rain across eastern Scotland

Courtesy of SEPA
36 Hour Gauge Totals

In light of the rail accident near Stonehaven I am adding a supplemental to this morning’s post about the heavy overnight thunderstorms after updating my estimated accumulations from radar for the area, which are broadly in alignment to the totals from the SEPA rain gauge network, although I don’t seem to have caught the 106.4 mm measured at Stonehaven, this is probably due to the fact that the gauge totals are for the last 36 hours, and the ones from the radar images for just the last 18 hours till 1155 UTC this morning. It looks likely that the heavy rain may have caused a landslip that derailed the train, surprisingly the highest SEPA rainfall totals were on the coast near Stonehaven, but decrease the further inland and westward you came. There seem to have been two distinct bands of heavy rain and thunderstorms, one that ran up the east coast happened after dawn, the heavier band running northward from Edinburgh in the early hours.

Estimated Rainfall from Weather Radar

I have been meaning to develop an application to download and plot SEPA rain gauge data ever since returning to Scotland, but other things seem to have got in the way, like blogging for instance.

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