A cold sector – whatever next!

Jacob Bjerknes
Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Met Office have now gone one better than Tomasz Schafernaker with his reinvention of the cold front into a ‘cool’ front, they have now literally turned the warm sector inside out in their recent forecast charts and come up with a cold sector. A cold sector is when a low first introduces colder air in the form of polar or returning polar maritime air from the west, as in their latest T+72 forecast chart, before replacing it with much milder air from the north(!). I suppose you could look at it and see a very large and fully open warm sector to the north of the low that will gradually collapse on itself as the cold front occludes the warm air from the south. I wonder what Jacob Bjerknes would have had to say about that if he was alive today and how it fitted into the Norwegian cyclone model.

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