A crafty update

I take screenshots of most warnings that the UKMO generate. I can’t seem to help it – no one else seems to question or verify just how accurate they warnings they issue have been – but I do. The reason I take screenshots of them is because as soon as they expire they disappear and not archived as I believe they should be. The Met Office occasionally update warnings and add a section to them labelled “Reason for update” like this one they issued yesterday for snow. I wrote a blog spoofing the wording of this warning which promised that snow at low levels “will quickly turn to rain across Scotland during early Thursday” and snow would become “confined to ground above 500 metres“. In the update the Met Office say that the update is because they’ve adjusted the area it covers, and created a dual ice and snow warning. What they don’t say is that they’ve rewritten the warning entirely and removed the bit that I poked fun in a previous blog saying that the weather was turning milder from the north on Thursday.

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