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Louise Lear in her forecast at 6.30 pm on BBC 1 seemed to be more interested in the chances of some snow on the leading edge of the occluding warm front on Wednesday than the four centimetres or so of snow that fell across northern Scotland today. I wouldn’t agree either that Inverness is in “the far north” or that it’s on high ground, the last time I checked the River Ness still ran down to the sea there. I wonder who makes the ‘Editors Pick’ on the BBC weather watchers site, if it had been her or one of here colleagues she might have seen with her own eyes todays snow fell that fell to low levels across large parts of Sutherland, Ross-shire, Moray and Inverness today. So why is it that she chooses to ignore the evidence both from observations and pictures from viewers and say that we’ve only seen “snow to higher ground”?

Courtesy BBC

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