A divergence of opinion

Courtesy of ECMWF & UKMO

The ECMWF have reintroduced a deepening low off Iberia by Friday, with the parent low remaining off western Ireland, meanwhile the UKMO have a single low filling south of Valentia with nothing further south. As you can see I am tilting at windmills and still have my doubts about this change of type to a milder regime happening this week.

Why is it I have that I have to rotate the old fax charts from the UKMO by 35° to get the Greenwich meridian vertical when the ECMWF projection are always perfect vertically aligned along the 0° line of longitude? Perhaps the target area for the old fax charts was offset by 35° for anyone on a boat in mid Atlantic or perhaps for the citizens of the Azores. It does make you wonder why the old fax charts have continued until now, but I suppose we ought to be grateful, without them we wouldn’t have a clue what the NWP model from the UKMO was pushing out, and we couldn’t view an inter-comparison of forecast charts like this. So much for the movement to free up government data for its people.

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