A fast moving ribbon of air high up in the atmosphere

Quite a jet above our heads at the moment, I would like to give you a speed but the 11 UTC ascents from Albemarle, Watnall and Castor Bay have all been delayed from the UKMO for some reason. Looking at the 23 UTC ascents from yesterday evening I see that Castor Bay in Northern Ireland reported a maximum wind of 162 knots from 260 degrees. The visible satellite animation from this afternoon does give you a feel for just how fast things are moving at the moment. Snow and hail showers have been falling all day here in Strathpeffer, blown along by a strong to gale force westerly wind. As I write another hail shower is rattling against the windows, filling the gutters and dropping the visibility to 300 metres for a time. In any other year this would have been a named storm in it’s own right, the only reason it isn’t is because its north and not south of the border.

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