A fourth day of thunderstorms

Rainfall radar rainfall estimate 16-17 June 2020

A dreadful last few days north of Inverness. Rather humid and cloudy with fog and low cloud in the mornings gradually clearing to reveal another layer of upper low or medium cloud during the afternoon, with a tantalising sliver of blue sky on the eastern horizon across the Moray Firth at times yesterday – the midges are loving it. We’re still in lockdown up here, and only four days from the summer solstice. The Met Office forecast for today says that there will be light rain till 1300, a little optimistic has its been a good moderate intensity for the last hour or so. I’m quite looking forward to seeing the back of this easterly spell, and finding out what the Atlantic has to offer, rather than the home brewed affair that we’ve endured for the last week. By the time that Nicola Sturgeon in her wisdom sees fit to move us along to stage two, the nights will be drawing in, and three out of four of the hotels in our village will have closed.

Rainfall radar rainfall estimate 16-17 June 2020
Courtesy of Blitzortung
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