A frightful Halloween for the Met Office

All in all a frightful Halloween for the Met Office, with a large parts of the Highlands and Islands excluded from their yellow strong wind warning seeing gusts as high as 79 mph at Altnaharra and 75 mph at Loch Glascarnoch. They have no excuse as far as I can see it, but chose just to sit back and do nothing rather than eat humble pie and update their precious warning. The strongest of the winds are still affecting the north coast of Caithness and the Northern Isles so these maximum gusts may not be the end of it. Just what is their problem with Scotland when it comes to warnings?

Courtesy of UKMO


I was proved correct when I said that the Halloween storm would affect the Northern Isles after 21 UTC with gusts of 75 mph at Lerwick. I’ll be interested to see how the Great Oz does today with his latest yellow warning for strong wind in which he leaves out the Northern Isles once again.

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