A good chance of a record March Air Pressure being set on Sunday

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

We could see a new extreme high MSLP record for the British Isles on Sunday if as expected the 1050 hPa isobar gets close to stations in the northwest. The two favourite locations for this to happen I would have thought would be Malin Head in Ireland or South Uist. The central pressure of the anticyclone on Sunday at 12 UTC, centred some ~90 miles to the west of Lewis, will be around 1054 hPa at that time. The current record for March is 1048.6 hPa, which was set at Tynemouth on the 9th of March 1953. If MSLP does reach 1050 hPa on Sunday, not only will it break the current 67 year old record, it will also be the second time this year that MSLP has risen above 1050 hPa across the British Isles, the first was on the 20th of January when MSLP reached over 1050 hPa (the highest since 1957) across a number of stations across southern areas.

Courtesy of the Weather & Stephen Burt
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