A Haar

Courtesy of the BBC

This morning was the third morning in a row for Moray Firth haar here in the Strath and the thickest yet with visibilities of only 100 M or so at 0430 UTC this morning. Hopefully it will get burnt back to the Firth by mid morning. An absolute dreadful forecast regarding the extent of the haar from the BBC last night from whatever model Tomasz Schafernaker was using in his Weather for the week ahead forecast, so much for mesoscale low level wind forecasting. Mind you at least we’ve finally got rid of that nuisance front and the winds are coming up of from the warm continent, or at least they should be by tomorrow. It’s great living up here because despite high pressure if it isn’t high cloud it’s low cloud and haar that’s blocking the view of an aurora, super moon, or noctilucent cloud, in fact I can’t remember the last starry night.

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