A little too upbeat

6.30 pm 9th July 2020
Courtesy of the BBC

I don’t know which NWP model they are currently using down at the BBC, but it’s not in touch with reality this morning as convective infill, the scourge of a nice afternoon in summer across the British Isles, has made for a much cloudier day than Stav Danaos was expecting yesterday evening, bar Cornwall and west Devon. All his (repeated) forecasts and his graphics this morning have also been similarly a little too upbeat about the amounts of sunshine that we can across the south, it’s definitely a much improved day on yesterday, but this is still an anticyclonic NW’ly with below average temperatures. I reckon the weathercasters are often mislead by nice Weather Watcher images the show that in reality have been taken much in the early morning when you’re out taking the dog out for a walk.

Courtesy of the BBC

I’m also struggling to reconcile the outlook that he showed for the weather in the capital cities for next week with the latest run of the ECMWF hires model. I’d love to know exactly which NWP model Meteogroup are using in for this?

Courtesy of wxcharts.com
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