A lot of fuss over nothing

It certainly was windy in Ross-shire yesterday morning when we drove into Dingwall, but the wind died down here from early evening just when the updated yellow wind warning came into force. Strathpeffer though is well sheltered by high ground in most situations, but I’ve noticed it does get funneling in a straight westerly as it did yesterday. I don’t know why South Uist and Tiree have gone off-line, let’s hope they are back for the weekend.

I didn’t take a copy of the updated warning so this is a copy of the initial warning that was updated twice after this. In the first update the area was enlarged to cover the east as well as the west coasts of Scotland, and in the second update the area was shrunk back to an area smaller than the original and just for the west coast, the start and end times where pushed forward by six hours or so if memory serves, but you’ll have to take my word for that though.

The interesting thing about the last 24 hours is that many of the gusts to storm force, the highest being 70 mph close by in Wester Ross, occurred even before the warning became valid! This was another good example of the Met Office pushing out a warning far too early and then sticking with it even when it they knew it should have been cancelled. 

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