A new and unique interactive graph featuring data from seven of the world’s major global temperature series

I have spent a couple of frustrating days updating these graphs of global temperatures I developed a number of years ago using the Highcharts Javascript library. Hopefully they are accurate and if I keep them regularly updated with new monthly data provide a resource for anyone to access and consult. I am no fan of Javascript which I don’t find easy to write or easy to debug. The Highcharts library is also slightly quirky to use with the additional complications of CSS and HTML being thrown into the mix as well.
I am particularly pleased in bringing to the web the graph of 12 month moving averages that I have been running as a Windows application for a number of years now. The unique thing about this graph is that it visualises all seven major global temperature series in one single interactive graph. You would have thought that the WMO would have done this by now in its organisational role. Believe me each organisation provides a different mix of temperature data, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, land, ocean. tropics, polar etc all wrapped in a different, and sometimes obscure file format for you to download and parse. No one organisation has decided on what particular LTA to use to calculate their anomalies, 1951-1980 or 1971-2000 or should that be 1981-2010, although this is possibly deliberate on their part.
The graphs may need a little tweaking as time goes by to get them just right, and I may add a few embellishments such as linear trends to them in the future. If they do give you any problems try refreshing the page with an F5 or maybe clear your web cache for the site if they get out of date. Please bookmark the pages and I for my part will attempt to keep them updated on a monthly basis from now on. Normally you can find the two graphs under the Global Temperature drop down menu.

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